TRON 2.0 for Game Boy Advance allows players to take on the role of digital warriors Tron and Mercury as they battle against The Corruptor, an evil computer program attempting to create the ultimate virus that will take over the computer system. Two unique storylines, third-person digital action, first-person vehicle combat, upgradeable characters, multiplayer and more, create a unique and fun gameplay experience on the GBA.

  • Two playable characters, Tron and Mercury. Both characters have their own unique storyline, as well as weapons and gameplay modes
  • Collect and trade 100 upgrade chips that allow players to customize their character, unlock secrets and more!
  • Multiplayer gameplay that allows up to four players to battle it out in Light Cycle, Tank and Recognizer modes
  • Unlockable TRON arcade games
  • Featuring actress and supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as the voice of Mercury, champion light cycle racer and game bot
  • Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as Alan Bradley
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